Google Wifi: Cover your home with wifi

google wifi

Google Wifi

You can now order Google new home wifi system that allows you place a wifi point anywhere in the home you may have internet issues. Google Wifi also has a feature called Network Assist that leverage Google smarts to manage your network so you do not have to worry about it.

Home Wi-Fi, simply solved.
Enjoy a fast signal in every room, on every device. Google Wifi is a new type of connected system that replaces your router for seamless coverage throughout your home.

Network Assist.

Keeps itself fast.

Network Assist is intelligent software built into Google Wifi to provide you with the fastest possible speed. Behind the scenes, Network Assist automatically helps you avoid Wi-Fi congestion, and transitions you to the closest Wifi point for the best signal.

Hassle-free Wi-Fi.

Network Assist takes care of complex settings behind the scenes, so you can sit back and enjoy the Wi-Fi without having to fiddle with your router.

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