Best Smart Home Products to Automate Your Home

Best Smart Home Products to Automate Your Home

Thanks to advances in technology, software, and automation, smart home technology products make everyone’s life easier. Practically everything in your home nowadays can be automated or connected to your tablet or mobile device. This allows you to still feel connected and have complete control over your home, even when you’re miles away.

In no particular order, here are 50 of the best smart home systems, devices and technology gadgets for do-it-your-selfers.

1. Rachio IRO Smart Wifi Enabled Irrigation Controller

You’ll no longer have to worry about watering the lawn with this nifty gadget. It takes the guesswork out of keeping your grass at its greenest thanks to a number of intelligent design features.

Key features:

  • Personalizes your lawn water regimen using data specific to your location, season and weather
  • Control your sprinkler system with your iOS or Android device via WiFi
  • Reduce water bill and waste by only watering when your lawn needs it

Cost: *Est. $299

2. SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell with Motion Sensor

Take your ding-dong up a notch with this motion-activated smart doorbell. Now you can see who’s at your door even when you aren’t home.

Key features:

  • See, hear, and speak with who’s at your door no matter where you are
  • Silent mode lets you turn off the door bell – perfect for new parents and shift workers
  • WiFi connectivity easily integrates into your home network

Cost: *Est. $199

3. Eyedro EHWEM1 Wireless Home Electricity Monitor

Help save on your home’s energy bill by keeping tabs on usage with this electricity monitor. Keep tabs on which appliance is using the most power and adjust if necessary.

Key Features:

  • Get real-time stats on your home’s energy usage with free online monitoring
  • Compatible for both residential and commercial installation
  • Easily compare usage and billing stats to save the environment and money

Cost: *Est. $199

4. Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting, Starter Pack

This smart lighting pack is seriously cool – you can create and save custom light modes that replicate your favourite images or even a sunset.

Key features:

  • Control your home’s lighting right from your iOS or Android device
  • Change light levels and colors to suit your needs
  • Controls up to 50 bulbs with just one bridge device

Cost: *Est. $199

5. Bose SoundTouch 20 Wi-Fi Music System

This music system allows you to listen to great-sounding tunes from anywhere in your home and comes with a host of one-button presets you can configure to get your favorite music in no time at all.

Key features:

  • Stream music with just the touch of a button or via the SoundTouch app
  • Connects via WiFi to provide a home audio solution
  • Incredible sound experience Bose products are known for

Cost: *Est. $399

6. Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

Now you can control your home heating with a simple voice command. Set schedules to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and get alerts if the temperature gets too high.

Key features:

  • Voice-activated commands allow you to control your home’s temperature
  • Customizable color touchscreen seamlessly blends in with your home’s décor
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Cost: *Est. $299

7. Chamberlain Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener

Featuring a lifetime warranty on the motor, this garage door opener won’t let you down. Lights turn on automatically when motion is detected and it will close itself in case you forget.

Key features:

  • Opens and closes even during power outages
  • Timer feature will automatically close door if you forget
  • Anti-burglary feature changes access code after every remote control use

Cost: *Est. $259

8. Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

All it takes to flush your toilet is a swipe of your hand thanks to this easy-to-install kit. Retrofits to most toilets, and features a streamlined design.

Key features:

  • Fits most standard toilets to allow touchless flushing
  • Easily installs in about 20 minutes, batteries last up to 12 months of use
  • Helps protect your family from the spread of germs

Cost: *Est. $48.98

9. Belkin WeMo Light Switch

You don’t have to come home to a dark house anymore. Manage your home’s lights from anywhere in the world via your Internet-connected mobile device. Save energy by setting timers or turning on just before you get home.

Key features:

  • Turn lights on and off, and easily set timers from anywhere via WiFi connection and WeMo app
  • Modular system lets you quickly and easily add multiple units
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Cost: *Est. $44

10. OriGlam® LED Energy-efficient Person Motion Sensor Toilet Light

No more fumbling in the dark to go to the washroom at night with this motion-activated toilet light. You’ll also avoid any wet surprises thanks to its innovative color-coding that lets you know the position of the seat.

Key features:

  • Motion sensor turns light on and off automatically
  • Easily tell whether seat is up or down with color-coded lights
  • Energy-efficient LED lights lets you see where you are going without waking others

Cost: *Est. $12.75

11. Belkin WeMo Switch and Motion Detector

Automate and control your home’s electronics right from your mobile device with this switch and motion detector set. Set electronics on a schedule or program your lights to turn on and off when you enter or exit a room.

Key features:

  • Motion control sensor means you’ll never walk into a dark room
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Add on as many switches as your home needs

Cost: *Est. $73.99

12. D-Link Wireless Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender

Never worry about losing connectivity in the farthest reaches of your home again with a WiFi range extender. Securely boost your home network’s range so you’re never without a reliable connection, no matter where you are in (or outside) your home.

Key features:

  • Quickly and easily extends the range of your home’s wireless network
  • Compact, portable design requires no additional cables
  • Backwards compatible with a range of modems

Cost: *Est. $59.99

13. D-Link AC1750 Wireless Gigabit Router

Connect at lightning fast speeds and with minimal interference with this state-of-the-art wireless router. Up to 3 times faster than a Wireless N router, a reliable connection is up for any of your home’s connectivity needs.

Key features:

  • Dual-band speeds of 450Mbps (2.4GHz) and 1300Mbps (5GHz)
  • Setup in minutes, manage your home network from anywhere
  • Stream HD videos, play games, and connect multiple devices

Cost: *Est. $139.99

14. Nest Learning Thermostat

Stop fiddling with your home’s thermostat and save on your energy bills by installing a smart thermostat. The longer you use it the smarter it gets, adjusting your home’s heating and air conditioning automatically.

Key features:

  • Works with both forced air and radiant heating systems
  • Senses who’s home and adjusts temperature accordingly
  • Easily control online or from your smart phone via a WiFi connection

Cost: *Est. $249

15. Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Quickly and easily connect any appliance or electronic in your home to your wireless network. Multiple users can then control devices, program custom notifications, and change device status from anywhere.

Key features:

  • Monitors and reports on device usage, helping you cut your energy costs
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Add on as many units as you like to control your whole home

Cost: *Est. $59.03

16. Insteon 6-Button Dimmer Keypad

Control and monitor the status of up to 8 devices at once with this budget-friendly dimmer keypad. Wirelessly control your home’s devices and electronics all without having to rewire.

Key features:

  • Installs easily in place of a standard wall switch
  • Use as in-wall controller, 20-amp on/off switch, and access point of other Insteon products
  • LED backlight for ‘on’ devices

Cost: *Est. $10.78

17. Parrot Flower Power Wireless Plant Monitor

Keep your home’s plants looking green and bright with this automated plant monitoring system. Four sensors gather data every 15 minutes to take the guesswork out of plant maintenance and give you real time stats on the health of your home’s plants.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Ability to monitor over 6000 different types of plants
  • Alerts and ‘to-do’ lists help you hone your green thumb

Cost: *Est. $52.99

18. INSTEON Dimmer Switch

This switch gives you the ultimate control over your home’s lights, and installs in your current outlet hole. Customize brightness levels, timers, and fade speeds effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Control remotely via your computer or mobile device
  • 3-way switch compatible
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Insteon home automation products

Cost: *Est. $49.99

19. First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensing Light Socket

Never enter a dark room again. Lights turn on and off automatically when you enter and exit a room, in both day and nighttime settings.

Key features:

  • Compatible with both CFL and incandescent bulbs
  • Senses motion up to 12-foot range, 360-degrees
  • Installs in your current light socket in under a minute

Cost: *Est. $19.75

20. Epson 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector

Enjoy a movie-quality home viewing experience with this THX-certified LCD projector. Features like 2400 lumens of both color and white brightness, plus rich blacks, means images practically jump off the screen.

Key features:                                                                                           

  • HDMI connectivity
  • Rechargeable 3D glasses
  • Quick and east setup

Cost: *Est. $2447

21. LAYKOR Automatic Touch-Free Lavatory Bathroom Sink Sensor Faucet

This automatic touchless faucet turns on and off automatically, helping you save water and prevent the spread of germs.

Key features:

  • Easy to install (under 10 minutes in most cases)
  • Wired or battery-operated power
  • Sleek, modern design

Cost: *Est. $56.99

22. Netatmo Weather Station

Not sure whether or not you need that sweater when heading out in the morning? Forget about stepping outside; get all the weather data you need from your home’s weather station.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Weatherproof design monitors temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and air quality levels
  • Easily connects multiple stations and wirelessly sends real time data to your device

Cost: *Est. $176.23

23. Egg Minder Wink App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to pick up eggs again thanks to automatic reminders and notifications that let you know when you’re running low. It even tells you which eggs are bad or about to spoil.

Key features:

  • Unit shows you which egg is oldest and should be eaten first
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Space for 14 eggs

Cost: *Est. $24

24. Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Take control your home’s electronics no matter where you are as long as you have a wireless or cellular signal. You can control multiple switches from the same app, no subscription necessary.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Available in three colors to match your personal style
  • Set up timers to save energy and keep your home secure

Cost: *Est. $44.99

25. Holî, The Smart Connected LED Mood Lamp

Infinite color combinations allow you to set whatever mood you desire with this smart connected LED lamp. A built-in dawn simulator slowly increases light intensity, allowing you to wake up gently and peacefully.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity allow you to control up to 3 lamps simultaneously
  • Long-life LED bulbs will last up to 27 years under normal use

Cost: *Est. $249.95

26. Wimoto CLI001 Climate Control Sensor

Keep up to date with your home’s temperature, humidity and light levels right from your mobile device, even without an Internet connection.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Battery lasts up to 3 years
  • Range of up to 100 feet

Cost: *Est. $49

27. Beddit Sleep Tracker and Wellness Coach

This device helps you get the most from your sleep by monitoring your heart rate, snoring and movements while you sleep. Who doesn’t want information to help get a better night’s rest?

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • No annoying sensors to wear while you sleep
  • Daily tips help you get the best rest possible

Cost: *Est. $149

28. Nexia BR100NX Home Intelligence Bridge

Control your home’s automated systems with this smart hub module. Custom alerts let you know who’s coming and going from your home.

Key features:

  • Secure encryption
  • Range of 60-100 feet
  • Secure your home and monitor energy usage wherever you are

Cost: *Est. $59.99

29. GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Outdoor Module

This module allows you to effortlessly control your home’s outdoor lights from your cell phone or computer, and blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior décor.

Key Features

  • Can withstand damp or wet weather
  • Compatible with multiple lights
  • Z-wave technology makes it compatible with many home automation systems

Cost: *Est. $40.08

30. SmartThings Hub

Quickly and easily connect multiple smart devices and sensors so you can control them all with one tool. Notifications let you know the status of your smart devices, and can even tell you if there’s an open door or window.

Key features:

  • Compatible with devices from multiple manufacturers
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Works with Z-wave technology

Cost: *Est. $99

31. Wink Connected Home Hub

Control multiple devices from different manufacturers quickly and easily with this smart home control system. Shortcuts and schedules allow you to simplify your life at the touch of a button.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Lutron ClearConnect technologies
  • Data is encrypted, so you can feel secure

Cost: *Est. $40

32. Belkin Conserve Power Switch

Stop worrying about the cost of ‘ghost power’ with this smart little switch. At the flick of a switch, it’s as if you unplugged your device – so power is no longer being drawn, which means you aren’t paying!

Key features:

  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Light lets you know when switch is on
  • Use side by side or alone – won’t block the second outlet

Cost: *Est. $9.75

33. Insteon 2457D2 LampLinc INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module

Set the mood in one room or your whole home with a smart dimmer switch. It allows you to control your home’s lights no matter where you are in the house.

Key features:

  • Control via remote, wall keypad, computer, or smart phone
  • Dual-band technology
  • Installs using your home’s existing electrical

Cost: *Est. $45.35

34. Revolv Smart Home Automation Solution

Control all your home’s smart devices with one single unit. Create custom rules like “shut down house” and “movie night” to effortlessly manage all of your devices.

Key features:

  • 60 second setup auto-discovers your home’s devices
  • No monthly costs
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Cost: *Est. $299

35. Belkin Conserve Energy Saving Outlet

You can cut down on your home’s energy costs by installing a timer on devices that draw the most energy, but that you don’t need to run if you aren’t home. It won’t draw power until turned on, and a green light lets you know it’s working.

Key features:

  • 30 minute, 3 hour or 6 hour function
  • 3 wire grounded
  • Use side by side or alone – won’t block the second outlet

Cost: *Est. $19.35

36. KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

Take your tunes with you into the shower with this wireless speaker and showerhead combo. It connects via Bluetooth to stream your music, news, or playlists right into the shower.

Key features:

  • 32 foot range
  • Water resistant, rechargeable speaker
  • Speaker can be used independently

Cost: *Est. $110.43

37. RainMachine – The Forecast Sprinkler – Smart WIFI Irrigation Controller

Cut down on your home’s water bill while and take the guesswork out of watering your lawn, all while keeping your grass in tip top condition. If the Internet goes down, this unit will use your home’s statistics to ensure the plants are taken care of.

Key features:

  • Multiple programs can be run in parallel, sequentially or one-at-a-time
  • Create unlimited programs
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Cost: *Est. $249

38. Doorbot Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell

See and speak to whoever is at your door on your smart phone no matter where you are in the world – talk about peace of mind. Adjustable camera angles and a night-vision mode mean no one will escape your sight.

Key features:

  • Free replacement if stolen
  • Hard-wire or battery powered
  • Mount and sync in minutes

Cost: *Est. $199

39. iRobot Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot

Stop getting down on your hands and knees to scrub your floors and let the Scooba do the hard work for you. It cleans up to 99.3% of bacteria with almost no effort on your part.

Key features:

  • Sweeps, pre-soaks, scrubs and squeegees floors
  • Compatible with most hard floor surfaces
  • Two cycle options (20 and 40 minutes)

Cost: *Est. $599.95

40. Aeon Labs Z-Wave In-Wall Micro Controller

Link up your whole with by turning any switch in your home into a Z-wave switch with this device. Fits in most electrical boxes – worldwide!

Key features:

  • Remembers your programs in case of power failure
  • Compatible with 3-way switches
  • Turn lights on/off via Z-wave, switch or button

Cost: *Est. $32.95

41. Smarthome 1626-10 FilterLinc 10-Amp Plug-In Noise Filter

Even though we might not be able to hear it, with all the devices around your home talking to one another, technology can get loud. Tune out some of the noise with a filter.

Key features:

  • Eliminates interference and filters noise from powerline
  • Can still plug in another device
  • Works in seconds

Cost: *Est. $29.99

42. Wink Relay – Smart Home Wall Controller

A smart home needs a smart hub to control it all, and this system lets you do just that. Soon to be released intercom functionality means you can stay connected through multiple units.

Key features:

  • Fits most standard switch boxes
  • Touch screen with 4.3” display
  • Built-in proximity, humidity and temperature sensors

Cost: $299

43. Saicoo® Wireless digital doorbell

Say goodbye to the classic doorbell and hello to a smart new way to know who’s at your door. Stick with the classic ‘ding-dong’ or choose from one of 52 additional chimes available online.

Key features:

  • 1000-foot range
  • 52 door chime combinations
  • Plug-and-play installation

Cost: *Est. $18.99           

44. Acer H6510BD 3D Home Theater Projector

What smart home would be complete without the ultimate viewing experience? An HD projector can complete any home entertainment system. This unit lets you watch Blu-ray 3D, DLP 3D, and NVIDIA 3DTV Play 3-D technologies.

Key features:                                                         

  • Full 1080p widescreen resolution
  • Multiple connectivity options including PC, D-Sub and HDMI
  • eColor Boost technology means you can watch stunning pictures even on your wall

Cost: *Est. $649.99

45. Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System

Open and close your blinds with at the touch of a button with this system that can seamlessly integrate into any number of home automation systems.

Key features:

  • Supports up to 90lbs of curtain weight
  • Powered via standard outlet
  • Timer control available

Cost: *Est. $319

46. WINBOT W730, the Window Cleaning Robot

Forget about the hassle of gathering window cleaning supplies and climbing ladders when your windows need a wash – let your window cleaning robot do the hard work for you.

Key features:                                                  

  • Compatible with framed or frameless windows
  • Comes with 2 cleaning pads and a squeegee
  • Cleans even tall windows at the touch of a button

Cost: *Est. $359.99

47. Nest Protect Smoke Plus Carbon Monoxide Detector

Your family’s safety is top of mind, and a reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detector can give you the security you need. Alerts to your phone let you know when there’s a problem or if batteries are running low.

Key features:

  • Choose from wired or battery-powered models
  • Human voice warnings and traditional alarm signal
  • Installs in minutes

Cost: *Est. $99

48. Shower Tunes

Take your tunes, and your tablet, with you in the shower – all white keeping your device safe from water. Never miss an important call or email again.

Key features:

  • Made of thick gauge vinyl
  • Built-in waterproof speakers
  • Battery operated

Cost: *Est. $39.95

49. iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13-Gallon Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can

Make throwing and taking out the trash easier with a garbage can that opens and closes for you. It senses when you approach so you can toss things out, even when your hands are full.

Key features:

  • Carbon filter to tackle the toughest odors
  • Large opening
  • Battery or AC adaptor powered (not included)

Cost: *Est. $69.99

50. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Gone are the days of old-school rotating scales, high tech models like this one are now incredibly accurate, measuring body fat percentage, BMI and weight. Data syncs to your FitBit account so you can track your progress all in one app.

Key features:

  • Stats upload automatically via WiFi
  • Can set up to 8 users
  • 350lb weight limit

Cost: *Est. $105


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